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We Offer the Lowest Price Legal Document Service in Arizona. Guaranteed!

We offer a Full Service Program: Professionally prepared legal documents that includes all court running and filing as required by the court.

          We also offer professional process serving in all 3,033 counties in the United States should your case require it.

Payment Plans:

        We also offer payment plans  for full service divorce, legal separation and annulment cases.

Document Fees

Type of Case Full Service Fee Fee Charged by Court (filing fees may be deferred in some cases)
Divorce $299 $338
Legal Separation $299 $338
Annulment $299 $338
Paternity or 1st Order $299 $333
Child Support Modification $199 $84
Child Custody Modification $249 $84
Child Support Enforcement $199 $84
Child Visitation Enforcement $199 $84
Temporary Child Custody $249 $0
Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 $199 (Documents only) $335
Quit Claim Deed $50 $15
Contempt of a Court Order for Property and/or Debt $249 $84
Response (Answer) w/ Counter-Petition $249 $269
Last Will & Testament Package $119 N/A

Service Fees

Methods of Service Fee Comments
Voluntary Acceptance of Service $0 Includes Notary if Executed in Office
1st Class Mail - Acceptance of Service $15
Register Restricted Return Delivery Receipt $30
Process Service (local) $100 Five attempts
Process Service (non-local) $149 Five attempts
Newspaper Publication $125 Standard 4 consecutive weeks of notices
Motion for Alternative Method of Service $149
Private Investigation $199 Skip trace service only

Prices for Contested Matters Only: Pretrial, Early Resolution Conference, or Evidentiary Hearing Documents Fees for Contested Cases

Document Fee Comments
Resolution Statement $199  
Disclosure Statement $249 Includes list of witness and exhibits
Parent's Worksheet for Child Support Amount $99  
Parent Plan for Custody $99  
Pretrial Statement $249  
Mediation (in office) $250 per hour Does not include Consent Decree if agreement is reached

Revised: 03/20/17