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When the whereabouts of the other party are unknown publication may be a viable alternative for service.

Service of process by publication (newspaper service) may be used when the other party's residence is unknown. Service by publication is sufficient to obtain jurisdiction in most cases. However, no personal judgment may be entered against a respondent served by publication (Mervyn's, Inc. v. Superior Court, 697 P 2d 1353). 

This is because the Court acquires limited jurisdiction when service is made by publication.  Because limited jurisdiction is acquired an award of child support, alimony or an effective division of property sometimes cannot be granted.

The summons must published in the county where the case has been filed, once a week for four (4) successive weeks. After publication is complete file an affidavit swearing that you have tried every available means to find the other party. 

You must make a diligent search for the other party.  Most judges will want you to contact anyone that may have knowledge of the other party's whereabouts that you know of, in other words, all family and friends of the other party that you have contact information on.  They will also insist that you also do an internet search in an attempt to locate the other party.  Some judges have even gone as far as insisting that local prisons and jails be contacted as well as the military to see if the other party can be found.

It is not enough to state that the residence is unknown. Due diligence in attempting to locate the whereabouts of the respondent is required. You must swear that you have tried everything in your power to try to find the other party.