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Ahmet's wife refused to divorce him and would not sign anything.  Discount Divorce and Bankruptcy was able to help Ahmet get divorced.

First of all no one can force you to stay in a marriage.

In most cases the spouse will sign for the divorce papers.  However, the court understands that sometimes there are situations when the spouse does not want to cooperate in a divorce.  If your spouse does not want to give you a divorce then no problem.  When the papers for divorce are filed and if they will not sign for the documents then a process server can serve the documents and there will be nothing for them to sign.

Why do I have to serve my divorce papers if my spouse is being difficult?

In most family law cases you must prove to the court that the other person has been given their copy of the legal documents you filed.  The faster you can have this proof filed with the court the better.  Most family law cases must be completed within 120 days or the court will dismiss the case for what they call "lack of prosecution".  Since they will not cooperate then the only alterative is to serve them.

My spouse lives in another state. Is this a problem?

There are process servers in all 50 states.  You can serve your legal documents almost anywhere in the United States.

What is Service of Process?

Service of Process is the delivery of court documents to the individual to whom the legal document are directed. Service of Process must be served by an individual who is not a party to the case. This may mean handing the documents to the defendant personally or sub-serving to someone in the same household. Once the documents are delivered, the process serving agent must provide proof that the papers were served. This is done through a document call an Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service, which must be notarized in some cases and given to the party who requested service.

In Arizona and most states, someone who performs service of process is required by law to be licensed.

Even if a process server does not need to be licensed in the state where you need service, you should keep in mind that a process server is someone who is experienced in serving legal documents efficiently. More importantly, professional process servers are knowledgeable of the legislation surrounding service of process in their state or county. There are several requirements and constraints associated with serving legal documents that vary from state to state, or county to county. If the service is not performed in accordance with the law, this can hinder your case from going forward or result in the dismissal of your case.