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Prior case information:

What is your case number  In the original case were you the

Was your original case filed in the Maricopa County, Arizona Superior Court?

What was the date of your last custody order?

What judge/commissioner signed your last custody order?  The Hon.

Section 2 - Other Party's Contact Information:



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Section 3- Stop Child Support and/or Alimony (spousal maintenance) Information

Employment information of person ordered to pay:



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   Check all that apply:

1.     The current child support in no longer owed because all children named in the child support order are:

 Child is 18 and NOT attending high school or equivalency program

 Child is 19   The child is married   The child has been adopted   The child is deceased

  The child by court order is no longer in the custody of the person receiving payments.


2.      The amount shown on your "Order of Assignment" is wrong or was changed by Court order on  

3.      All back child-support and interest has been paid.

4.      All back spousal maintenance and interest has been paid.

5.      The obligation to make spousal maintenance payments has ended.

6.      The person receiving payments is deceased, but payments are stilled owed to the state.


  The conditions checked above have not yet taken place but will take place as of  (date)


Section 4-  Process Service

We must provide  a copy of the legal documents to the other party AFTER they have been filed with the Court.  What is the single best way to do this?  Select one:

Do I need a Process Server? How does Process Service work?

How does Publication / Newspaper Divorce work?

If you stated you do NOT know the whereabouts of other party, then when was the last time you seen them? (date) 

Section 5 -Other information or comments  

Section 6-Payment Options

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